Investment Areas

There are a wide range of investment opportunities available in Liberia in infrastructure development. Government of Liberia supports and streamlines the process for potential investors.

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Investment Areas
Energy Sector in Liberia

Liberia has an immense potential for power generation using hydro, solar and other renewable energy sources. There is also a huge unmet demand for energy both locally and regionally.

Investment Areas
Transport Sector in Liberia

Government of Liberia is committed to improve transportation sector in the country and is inviting investments in this sector.

Investment Areas
Agriculture in Liberia

Liberia has a rich potential for agriculture considering its vast area of available agriculture land. Govt. of Liberia is inviting investments to strengthen its agriculture sector.

Investment Opportunities in Liberia

Also Available in Below Sectors

Information Communication Technology

Investment opportunities in: National Backbone, Digital Migration Platform, National Postal Addressing System,
Data Centers, Internet Service Providers, etc.


Railway Transport

Opportunity to invest in railway infrastructure, besides other public transport types – buses, water transport, public parking spaces, logistics, etc.


Airport Development

Investment opportunities in Airport infrastructure development in Liberia. Opportunities also in Dry Port and Sea Port development.


Hydro Power Generation

With huge unmet demand for energy, Liberia offers investment opportunities in hydro power generation & other renewable energy sources.

Why Liberia?

Top 5 reasons to invest in Republic of Liberia

Access to regional markets, and low cost of labor

Preferential treatment in International Markets

Minimum restriction on profit repatriation and no currency exchange restrictions

Supportive tax regime by the Government

Guarantee against unfair expropriation

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Opportunities In Multiple Sectors

Hotels & Buildings

A number of hotels and other buildings in Liberia need to be renovated and managed, the Liberian Government is willing to work with investors in different partnership modes.

Housing & Real Estate

Good investment opportunities in housing and real estate sector as the demand for affordable housing and apartment complexes is increasing with the large diaspora population and emerging middle class in the country.

Airport Development

Opportunity for airport development in Liberia in PPP mode. Potential areas include supplying equipment, managing the airport, and developing airport infrastructure.


Liberia has a huge potential for agriculture with vast area of agriculture land preserved by the government. Opportunities for investments in agriculture and related services.

Information Communication Technology

Major investment areas in Liberia’s ICT sector include: National Backbone, Data Migration Platform, National Postal Addressing System, Data Centers, Internet Service Providers, etc.

Public Transport

Ample opportunities available in transportation sector of Liberia. Potential areas include: water transport, land transport, buses, railways, public parking spaces, etc.

Sea Port Development

Opportunities available for development of sea ports in Liberia – Port of Greenville and Port of Buchanan – PPP and JV possible options. Besides an opportunity of Dry Port development in Central Liberia.

Eco Tourism

Tourism sector of Liberia offers many business opportunities for investors. Beautiful coastlines, beaches, mountain ranges, lush mangroves, virgin forests and other tourist hotspots add to the tourism potential of Liberia.


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