Oil Palm

Production and processing, including investing in Out grower Schemes; Bio-energy, MSMEs developing oil palm products (e.g., soaps, cooking, etc.)


Rich land for cultivation with yield = 200kg/ha; potential to increase to 1000kg/ha. Global demand increasing 6% p.a. Post-harvest processing; certification and quality control; global demand for cocoa is growing, Liberia has the potential to significantly improve productivity and quality, with committed investors. Investors who provide farm inputs and extension.


  • 90,000mt, potential expansion to 325,000 mt
  • Over 200,000 ha of arable land available: 55% of rubber from small farmers.
  • Ribbed smoked sheets processing.
  • Industrial investors in downstream products (compounding).

Marine Fisheries

  • Has 20,000 sq. km of fishing ground.
  • Only 7,300 mt of marine fish produced locally, consuming 23,800 mt p.a.
  • Inputs
  • Processing
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Aquaculture
  • Industrial investor in aquaculture & processing.


Can produce 330,000 mt of inland fish (current production only 2,500 mt).


Increased yields and access to market; Cost of production reduced; Private sector investment; Export markets explored. Liberia consumes 570,000 tons of rice per year. Industrial processors in rice and investment commercially viable irrigation schemes.


  • Over 80 mt of cassava is consumed every year in ECOWAS.
  • Market growing by 4% p.a. Of this Liberia accounted 520,000 tonnes.
  • Industrial investor
  • Post-harvest processing


  • Currently producing about 312,000 mt worth of fruit and vegetables.
  • Imported 17,300 mt. Domestic market alone is worth $103 million p.a.

Poultry and Animal Husbandry

  • Traditional systems accounted for 100% of the holdings of cattle, goats and sheep 58% of pigs and 100%.
  • Investment in feed production
  • Opportunity to structure this sector.

Maize: Commercial production of maize for human consumption and animal feed.

Cashew: Opportunity to grow cashew in Liberia


  • Private value chain financing
  • Development financing
  • Microfinance
  • Strong business case for opening rural branches in (relatively isolated) agricultural concession areas employing significant number of people can have strong impact on agricultural markets and value chain
  • Insurance
  • Warehouse receipt

Other Services:

  • Business development
  • ICT
  • Knowledge management
  • Branding & Marketing


  • Agro-inputs
  • Agro-logistics
  • Storage

Supportive Sectors:

  • Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Agricultural financing
  • Business development services
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