Airport Development

James Spriggs Airfield

James Spriggs Airfield

James Spriggs Airfield is located in Central Monrovia with opportunity for PPP. Potential for domestic and regional flights.


  • To improve the functionality and safety of the James Spriggs Payne Airport (JSPA)
  • To provide standardized equipment that will meet International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs), and thereby guarantee the efficient delivery of quality service to users.

Expected Output:

  • A reconstructed runway (runway overlay – 6000ft x 100ft) 20cm thick (further room for expansion 9000 ft.)
  • Renovated apron
  • New and visible pavement markings
  • Standardized signage
  • New lighting system
  • New baggage screening and parcel inspection system; and
    Construct a new fire & rescue facility and 1 fire truck and equipment,
  • Durable perimeter fencing (height and length)
  • Provide temporary jobs for Liberians

Expected Outcome:

  • The project is expected to bring and maintain the James Spriggs Payne Airport to acceptable international standard, in conformity with ICAO requirements.
  • Improve the marketability of JSPA and add value to the airport.
  • Attract new users (airlines) for both domestic and regional air transportation; thereby increasing the level of activity and revenue generating capacity of the airport.
  • (Estimated cost of Project: US$ 12.7m)
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