Business Opportunities in Infrastructure Sector in Liberia

Hotels & Buildings

A number of hotels and other buildings in Liberia need to be renovated and managed. The Liberian Government is willing to work with investors in different partnership modes like PPP, etc.

Some hotels and buildings put up by the government in the pool for investors:

  • Hotel Africa
  • E.J. Roye Building
  • Ducor Continental Hotel
  • Housing Bank Building

Housing & Real Estate

Good investment opportunities in housing and real estate sector as the demand for affordable housing and apartment complexes is increasing with the large diaspora population and emerging middle class in the country.

Road Development

Opportunities in road development in Liberia include development of coastal highways, bridges, construction and management of road links, road payment initiatives, etc.

Port Development

Liberia presents investment and business opportunities in port infrastructure development, in PPP or JV mode, in the country. Opportunities in Airport development, Sea Port development, and Dry Port development.

  • James Spriggs Airfield
  • Port of Greenville
  • Port of Buchanan
  • Dry Port in Central Liberia

Information Communication Technology

With more than 60% of the population inclined to use ICT services, there are ample business opportunities in the ICT sector.

Major investment opportunities in ICT sector:

  • National Backbone
  • Data Migration Platform
  • National Postal Addressing System
  • Data Centers & Internet Service Providers
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