Sea Port Development

Port of Greenville

The Port of Greenville is the 3rd largest in terms of operation within NPA network. It is protected by a 400 meters long breakwater and on its inner side by two quays. It has the ability to match the Port of Buchanan in the number of vessels calling at the Port and income generation. The Port of Greenville is a major facility for the exportation of logs. Currently we have an oil palm concession agreement with Goldern Veroleum (GVL). The Port of Greenville has been hampered by lack of basic navigational equipment and general facilities to bring it on par with basic international standard. In order to meet the minimum standard set for management of a model Port, the NPA is seeking Public Private Partnership (PPP) with reputable company/firm for expansion and improved operations at the Port of Greenville.

Current Requirement:

Based on these assertions, the NPA Public Private Partnership (PPP) to engage in works and services that will include:

  • Dredging of the berthing area at the end of the quay
  • Rehabilitation of main harbor basin
  • Rehabilitation of the main infrastructures including port infrastructure and roads

Expected Outcome:

  • Rehabilitation of access roads from City of Greenville to the Port of Greenville as well as internal roads within the port.
  • Dredging of harbor basin to extend basin area to approximately 12 ha
  • Removing of ship wrecks – 2 ship wrecks inside the harbor basin and one large vessel located in the outlet of Sinoe River.
  • Installation of quay ladders
  • Designing of new bollards in excess of 25 tons
  • Rehabilitation of fender system, mainly secondary berth.

Buchanan Port

  • 334 meters long and with a depth of 9.5 meters, handles wood chips exported by Buchanan Renewables and a limited amount of container and general cargo.
  • This port is located with the economic corridor of the country and has the potential to expand and provide port services to several adjacent counties.
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