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Liberia Has a Huge Potential for Tourism

Big Brand Hotels

Liberian government wants to attract big brand hotels to the country. Possible PPP projects.

Providence Island

Located in Monrovia, is the landing site for freed emancipated slaves that settled in what would become Africa’s first republic, Liberia. Ideal investment for an amusement park.

Providence Island, Liberia
Robertsport, Liberia.


The coastal town with elaborate mountains and excellent surfing opportunities, as it is one of the world’s best surfing locations. It’s also home to Lake Piso, the country’s largest and most serene lake, which enables amazing artisanal fishing.


Located at the southeast section of the country, Harper is the former capital of Maryland, once Maryland of Africa founded by repatriated black Americans. It is known for its beautiful stretches of beaches, monuments, Africa’s first light house, Lake Shepard, separated from the Atlantic by miles of coconut trees and beautiful Hoffman River with beautiful white sandy towns; and less than a 15 minute drive away, fish town has a large beautifully colored boulders that could be listed as one of the world’s most undiscovered marvels.

Harper in Maryland, Liberia.
Du-Port in Paynesville, Liberia


Located in Paynesville, makes for an interesting canoe ride amidst lush mangroves. Du-Ports was once Liberia’s only port used in building of major concessions, such as Firestone and the former LAMCO Mining Company.


Called Liberia’s second city and sits just 50 miles away from Roberts International Airport. The city abounds with tourists’ opportunities with a beautiful coastal line off the Atlantic Ocean, several rivers with amazing flora and fauna, Liberia’s second major seaport, and home to the country’s biggest investor, Arcelor Mittal.

Buchanan beach, Liberia
Kpatawee Waterfall, Liberia

Kpatawee Waterfall

Rated by many visitors as the most dramatic and green waterfalls located in any forest, this waterfall has been tagged as a biodiversity hotspot and major tourism asset by the Liberian government.

East Nimba Nature Reserve

Liberia’s largest biodiversity hotspot and is on course to named a world heritage site.

East Nimba Nature Reserve, Liberia
The Nimba Mountain range, Liberia

Nimba Mountain Range

The Nimba Mountain range is the largest portion of the Upper Guinea rainforest and extends from Liberia into neighboring Guinea. Home to world’s largest butterfly (African Giant Swallowtail) and the nearly extinct Nimba Otter Shrew, a toad found only in Liberia, the ENNR is an environmentalist dream come true. With a beautiful blue lake in the midst of the mountain and misty dew that covers the entire range at certain hours in the day, this place has major advantages for tourism investors.

SAPO National Park

The SAPO National Park is another window of opportunity for investment in this virgin territory. Maintained trails, guided bird walks, and a lodge serving jazzed-up versions of local cuisine are but a few possibilities. Investment in SAPO National Park has the potential to generate great returns in the travel and tourism industry, which generated $7.7 trillion (10% of global GDP) in 2015.

Sapo National Park, Liberia
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