Transportation & Logistics

Water Transport

  • Agriculture transport services linking prime growing areas to Monrovia & ports
  • Coastal & Inland Water Transport: 6 major rivers, also in Monrovia
  • Liberia has (580 kilometers (360 mi) of coastline) and three other African nations on the other three sides

Land Transport

PPP Opportunities:

  • Provision of Mass Transport Services
  • Public Parking Facilities
  • Construction of bus stations & bus services

Trucking Services

Commercial truck transportation service is a viable business in Liberia because it is readily in demand, which means the benefits from its operation surpass its costs. The number of ships docking and disembarking from the Freeport is growing. According to official statistics from the Freeport of Monrovia, more than 6,500 containers were delivered at the port in January, 2015. With few trucking companies in Liberia, this is a very huge market that we must take advantage of urgently.
About a year ago, vessels were unloading between 4500 to 5000 containers monthly. Since the restoration of normal economic activities in Monrovia and its environs following the slowdown of the EBOLA cases, we expect more and more vessels to be docking at the various ports of Liberia (Monrovia, Buchanan, Sinoe and Maryland/Harper).

Equipment Leasing

  • Equipment leasing as an alternative means of financing for agriculture, road construction, and others.
  • Opportunity to establish leasing company

Rail Transport

With frantic efforts to establish a Rail Authority in Liberia, the Government of Liberia is in discussions to expand the existing rail infrastructure and develop new railways in an effort to enhance the movement of people and freight.

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